UnMediated: Journal of Politics and Communications

/UnMediated: Journal of Politics and Communications

UnMediated: Journal of Politics and Communications

Promoting student-produced content. A project run by students, for students

The project team:
Christina Russell
Tomas Borsa
Peter Bryant


“This project aims to produce and disseminate original, student-led research through an innovative online platform which will include audio-visual media (e.g. recorded interviews, data visualisation, and short documentaries) alongside more conventionally-grounded academic output (e.g. text-based reports). The project also aims to improve students’ learning through the development of transferable skills in coding, photo and video editing, data visualisation, and associated skillsets.

At the broadest level, the project seeks to challenge the confines and constraints inherent to conventional peer review and scholarship, and move toward a research philosophy underpinned by massive online collaboration and open source data.”

Christina Russell, student in the Department of Media and Communications

This project will involve:

  • Creation of a customised website
  • Creation of podcasts and recorded interviews
  • Organisation of hackathons on issues of timely significance (e.g. migrants’ rights)
  • Organisation of workshops in relevant media and software (e.g. InDesign, Premiere)
  • Creation of short promotional videos
  • Creation and promotion of crowdfunding initiatives, as needed
  • Publication of photo essays and mixed-media articles
  • Creation and curation of photo exhibitions in and around LSE


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