What is Turnitin?
Turnitin is a service that matches text from student assignments against its extensive databases of previously submitted student coursework, websites and academic papers. Turnitin’s originality check produces an originality report and a score (%), for deterring and detecting potential plagiarism. We currently use Turnitin Feedback Studio

What does using Turnitin in Moodle mean in practice?
Using Turnitin in Moodle enables teachers to view originality reports and scores directly from within Moodle. All you have to do, is create an Assignment for individual student submissions in your Moodle course and set up Turnitin within an assignment based on your needs. Originality reports will be produced for all student submissions to this assignment, and will be shown in Moodle next to the submissions.

What support and training is available?
LTI developed support material for teachers, administrators and students. You are welcome to contribute to our current list of support topics/FAQs for TurnItIn. For a hands on practice using Turnitin assignments visit our Turnitin Sandbox.

How can I find more about using Turnitin in Moodle?
Please contact LTI support at lti.support@lse.ac.uk


Read ‘How to interpret Turnitin originality reports’ – Last reviewed May 2020 (new Feedback Studio interface)

ReadLSE Turnitin Guidance for dealing with requests to view student papers– Created and reviewed March 2019

Check Staff FAQs

Contact lti.support@lse.ac.uk if you wish to arrange a 1-2-1 or departmental update.


Watch ‘How to interpret your Turnitin originality report’ – Last reviewed September 2016 (old interface)

Read ‘How to interpret your own Turnitin originality report’ – Last reviewed November 2020 (new Feedback Studio interface)

Check Student FAQs


      Check Turnitin status

Note: Submissions to Moodle-Turnitin assignments are independent of TurnItIn service outages (submissions only rely on LSE Moodle service availability).In case of Turnitin service outages originality reports via LSE Moodle will be delayed.