Transforming Your Research with Visualisation

/Transforming Your Research with Visualisation

Training students on visualising research data using Tableau

     The project team:
Kiran Phull, PhD candidate in International Relations
and Sonja Grussendorf from LTI

“This project aims at teaching students to bring their research to life by offering training in data visualisation techniques. Educational modules using Tableau software will help students enhance their ability to tell stories with data and better communicate their research. Data visualisation is an integral feature of the information age, and research has shown the positive effect of visualisation on pedagogy.

As one of the easier-to-use tools on the market, Tableau training will help students become more comfortable using visualisation. The tool itself is free for students and effective for those without prior quantitative training.”

Kiran Phull

Through a series of training modules aimed at a more tailored approach to teaching Tableau for students of International Relations, I will guide students through the Tableau learning process to the point where they feel like they can take ownership of the tool. The project can work for both a small number of students, or can be broadened to work for more using the same training materials.

Training will be offered in the form of seminar presentations, library training sessions, and visualisation surgeries.


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