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Training Opportunities

Summer Term Workshops

Using Social Media for Teaching – Thursday 11th May 

This session provides a general introduction to social media tools with a focus on their possible applications for teaching and learning.  The use of social media in education is still somewhat limited but this session will provide examples from both the LSE and beyond.

Copyright Community of Practice – Tuesday 16th May 

These events are open to all staff at LSE and aim to:

  • Allow the subject specialist to share expertise without the need for experiences to require a documented ‘intervention’ as with formal copyright queries
  • Provide an opportunity for Library, IMT and other LSE staff to discuss potential copyright issues relating to specific areas of work
  • Create a body of knowledge that is first and foremost based on practice, experience and narratives
  • Support continuing professional development of LSE staff by making better use of in-house copyright specialist

Driving Student Engagement in Moodle – Thursday 1st June 

A session aimed at teaching staff and other colleagues interested in making the most of Moodle to promote student engagement with their course in and outside the class. Moodle’s functionalities and online learning pedagogies will be presented and discussed.

LTI’s technology and education seminars

External Recommendations

Learn Moodle
Regular 4-week courses on using Moodle for teaching

Technology Enganced Learning for You, a series of micro-lessons on using technology to support teaching and learning

Blended Learning Essentials
MOOC for practitioners to understand the benefits of blended learning and how to use technology effectively to support learners.

Blended Learning: Embedding Practice
Part 2 of the Blended Learning MOOC