If you are teaching in a recording enabled room but have not scheduled the recording, you can start an ad hoc recording by following the steps below:

1. Firstly you will need to access Echo360 via the Moodle ‘Echo360 Active Learning Platform’ in Moodle. Simply access it if it already exists or add it to your course, following the instructions below:

  • Log in to Moodle with your LSE Network Username and password.
  • Navigate to your course, and click Turn editing on.
  • Scroll to the section in which you want the link to your recordings to appear.
  • Click Add an activity or resource.
  • In the “Activity chooser”, select Echo360 Active Learning platform and Add. 
  • Type a name for the activity, e.g. “Lecture recordings”.


  • Click Save and display and the Echo360 platform should open up in a new tab (check your browser settings as pop up blockers will stop a new tab from opening).

2. On your Echo360 page you should see the Start Capture button at the top.

3. Choose which room you are in and the length of the recording.

4. Publish to Library or search for your course code.

5. Click start.

6. The recording will start seconds later.