Jessica Templeton accentuates the positive

Dr. Jessica Templeton, LSE100 On a dark cold rainy winter afternoon in December 2016 I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Jessica Templeton, the Director of the LSE Course (LSE100). I’ve known Jessica for years and known her to be almost always chirpy, but that afternoon wasn’t a particularly chirpy time, politically or meteorologically.  We oscillated between despondency [...]

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William A. Callahan: Visual International Politics Student Movies

William A. Callahan, International Relations (Photo: Aperiofilms for LTI) When William A. Callahan, Professor in IR, devised a new course, Visual International Politics (IR318), one of its objectives was to train students in how to produce, direct, film and edit short documentary films. Documentaries encourage students to  work collaboratively, reinforce concepts learnt, and [...]

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