Moodle archive FAQ’s

The LSE Moodle archive is a read only copy of Moodle, the 2017/18 archive can be accessed at: see our webpage on the Moodle archive for more information The purpose of the LSE Moodle Archive is to provide an accessible digital snapshot of each course as it was at year-end, for the benefit of [...]

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Case study: Marking, moderating and providing student feedback online

Dr Connson Locke Department of Management Course Name: MG105 - Organisational Behaviour and Leadership MG443 – Organisational Behaviour  Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students Class size: 50 - PG 225 – UG Objectives Electronic submission of assessment    Electronic marking and feedback   Electronic return of grades and feedback   Use of Turnitin for originality checking   Moderating online Assessment [...]

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Lecture recordings FAQ’s

Lectures can be recorded using the service Echo360, see our webpage on using lecture recordings for more information Lecture recordings for 15/16 & 16/17 were hosted on the old, locally hosted, Echo360 system. Unfortunately as of Easter 2019 these recordings will no longer be available as we are only permitted to keep the recordings [...]

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Accessibility block

The Accessibility block allows users to customise Moodle to their visual needs. It supports changing of text sizes and colour schemes.  To install, select 'Accessibility' from the list of blocks - see how to add blocks for more info. The accessibility block should now appear on your course for all users. The block allows users [...]

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Alison Powell – an ethical approach to teaching

Alison Powell, Media & Communications “I am interested in how people think about technologies, and how they can build them in ways that transform the world… when we build technologies, especially of communication, we actually build them with a set of values that are in the world that we occupy at the time [...]

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