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Using Lecture Recordings

Echo 360 is a system for the automatic, scheduled recording of lectures. It allows you to arrange for your lecture to be recorded and made available to students online. In lecture theatres video of the speaker, audio and visual materials are recorded. In classrooms, audio of speaker and visual materials (slides etc) are recorded. Personal [...]

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Use Echo 360 Personal capture to record audio and video

What is it? Echo360 Personal Capture allows you to make recordings from your office or at home, and publish them via LSE’s lecture recording system. You can record your voice, whatever is on your PC screen and webcam video. Before you start To be able to publish recordings to the Echo360 system, you need to [...]

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James Abdey: An Injection of Showmanship

James Abdey, Statistics Department (Photo: aperiofilms for LTI) Tuesday, 3pm. Peacock Theatre. 60s swing music surround sound. Then the screens turn metallic silver and display a timer, a futuristic female voice counts down “T minus thirty seconds… T minus twenty seconds… Ten Nine Eight…” … ZERO! BOOM! “Good afternoon! Hellooo!” [Applause] “Are we [...]

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