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Lourdes Sosa: teaching disruption… disruptively

Lourdes Sosa, Management (Photo: Aperiofilms) No one person should be pinned down with only one descriptive noun, but with Lourdes Sosa, this word easily imposes itself: excitement.  It is partly due to her physical presence – always smiling, big eyes transfixing, musical voice launching straight into a bubbling word-torrent. A word-torrent filled with very [...]

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James Abdey: An Injection of Showmanship

James Abdey, Statistics Department (Photo: aperiofilms for LTI) Tuesday, 3pm. Peacock Theatre. 60s swing music surround sound. Then the screens turn metallic silver and display a timer, a futuristic female voice counts down “T minus thirty seconds… T minus twenty seconds… Ten Nine Eight…” … ZERO! BOOM! “Good afternoon! Hellooo!” [Applause] “Are we [...]

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