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Catherine Xiang: students as news reporters

Catherine Hua Xiang (Photo: Aperiofilms) Dr. Catherine Hua Xiang gets things done. She joined the LSE in 2011. In her first months she approached Learning Technology & Innovation (LTI) because she wanted to create a series of Mandarin videos to complement her teaching on LN140 (Advanced Mandarin and Society). The project has since been [...]

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Matthew Hall: Flipping AC310

Matthew Hall (Photo: Aperiofilms) ‘Describe the ideal LSE Accounting Student’ [Pause] ‘I can’t. I don’t think they exist. I don’t want to feed into the obvious stereotyping of students either. But… students who challenge me, I appreciate that.’ Meeting Matt is meeting a man who cares: about his teaching, and about his   [...]

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William A. Callahan: Visual International Politics Student Movies

William A. Callahan, International Relations (Photo: Aperiofilms for LTI) When William A. Callahan, Professor in IR, devised a new course, Visual International Politics (IR318), one of its objectives was to train students in how to produce, direct, film and edit short documentary films. Documentaries encourage students to  work collaboratively, reinforce concepts learnt, and [...]

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