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Using WordPress to to support individual student blogs and peer assessment as part of a third-year Anthropology course summative assessment

The project team:

Harry Walker
Athina Chatzigavriil
Arthur Wadsworth

“The project will develop the use of student blogs as one component of the summative assessment for AN300 Advanced Theory of Social Anthropology. Students will create and maintain their own blog using the WordPress platform.

The aim of the project is to encourage students to develop their own original ideas and critical responses to key texts in social anthropology, as well as to cultivate their capacity to respond thoughtfully and diplomatically to the ideas of others. AN300 is an intensive reading course focusing on full­length books rather than journal articles. It is hoped that students will be able to articulate and develop original ideas prompted by their reading of these books, and relate them to other literature they have read over the course of their degree.”

Harry Walker, Anthropology

In general, the trial can be considered a success. The blogs, by contrast, allowed students to develop
their own ideas about the books they were reading as they went along. The posts that resulted were often highly original and creative. Students appreciated the opportunity the blogs provided to be more experimental with their ideas and arguments, and less formal in their writing, and to work in a medium other than an essay or exam.
It was also clear that having to produce weekly posts encouraged many students to engage more closely with the readings than they otherwise might have. This was particularly evident in the high quality of class discussions.


Blog post on the completed project.

Full report, including marking criteria and examples of students work.

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