• From interviews to Instagram, how did we engage students in the evaluation of Clement House?
    25 July 2017
    Working with students as partners in the development of their university experience should form an integral part of any institution’s set of policies. However, securing a sufficient level of student engagement, which is also meaningful, poses a challenge across the sector. Within the evaluation process for Clement House, we have been keen to utilise a wide array of communication channels […]
  • Understanding student use of informal learning spaces with cognitive and photographic mapping
    18 July 2017
    In 2016, LSE unveiled six refurbished informal learning spaces in Clement House. As part of this process, we sought to uncover how spaces such as these fit into the day-to-day life of a student. To help with our enquiry, we decided to design and deliver a one-hour interactive workshop with students at LSE. We had three objectives: To better understand the […]
  • Jack of all trades…
    10 July 2017
    “What do you do?” *Deep breath*, “I’m an academic technologist”. *Blank stare*, “So, what do you do?”. *Deep breath* [attempts to explain]. I have had this conversation regularly with family, friends and people who work outside of the ‘biz’. If I had a pound… That, I find, is increasingly difficult to define.  “I help teaching staff use technology in their […]
  • An evaluation of LSE’s new informal learning spaces
    29 June 2017
    In the 2016-2017 academic year, staff at LTI undertook an evaluation of the use of new LSE informal learning spaces. The findings and lessons learnt can be found in our final report. Here are the highlights. Background As part of a School-wide objective to provide students with more informal learning spaces across campus, “forgotten” spaces were redeveloped and opened for the 2016-17 […]
  • Changes to Moodle for 2016/17
    28 June 2017
    The Moodle recharge event took place on Tuesday 27 June for those that couldn’t attend a brief summary of what went on can be found below. This summer lots of changes are taking place so we split attendees up into four rooms and got them to rotate round to each room.  We asked everyone to give us feedback on the […]