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  • LSE Moodle Archive
    10 October 2018
    The LSE Moodle Archive is a read only digital record of each course from previous academic years for staff and students. The 2018 copy was taken just before the annual refresh on 14th August 2018 and can be accessed at:  From now on a read only copy of Moodle will be taken every academic year just before the annual […]
  • Lecture recording for 2018/19
    28 September 2018
    Lecturers will need to opt-in for their lectures to be recorded. Please visit LSE for You and complete the form so that we can record your lectures. Please note that this task cannot be delegated to anyone else.  There are detailed instructions available on our website. If your lectures do not appear on that form, please check the timetable to ensure your lectures […]
  • We have moved!
    8 August 2018
    Our new offices are in 20 Kingsway – fourth floor, room KSW4.01 and KSW4.02. As well as physcially moving we have moved departments from IMT to APD and will be working closely with our colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Centre. Our email address is staying the same so if you have any queries please contact us via
  • Secondment opportunity in LTI
    3 August 2018
    LSE Learning Technology and Innovation are offering a 12 month secondment opportunity for the role of Learning Technology Systems Support Specialist, looking after our lecture recording system, Echo360. This role is a secondment opportunity to enable existing employees to broaden their knowledge, experience and skills by transferring to a different team/department. Existing employees wishing to apply for this role as […]
  • Moodle refresh for 2018/19
    20 June 2018
    Each year, Moodle courses are refreshed to remove old student data and prepare for the next cohort of students. For 2018 the refresh will take place on: Tuesday 14 August and Wednesday 15 August 2018.  Moodle will be unavailable all day for all users. Tuesday 11th September 2018 for courses used to collect dissertation submissions (primarily those with 499 course codes).  […]