In 2014, Parish Hall was a mish mash of false walls, abandoned floors and a spectacular top floor used for yoga and other activities. With a sympathetic architect design and responsive project management by the LSE Estates Division, Parish Hall was transformed into three large teaching rooms, seating 60 people in a cabaret style arrangement with large and small plectrum tables designed to encourage groups to both interact with the academic and with each other.  Power is provided all the way around the room to allow students to plug in their own devices, further facilitating interaction and connectivity.  Large projections screens provide clear, unimpeded viewing through the room.  These are inspiring teaching spaces, especially the top floor with a grand vaulted ceiling revealing the heritage of the building.  These rooms have been designed to provide the teacher and student with clear sight lines, an opportunity to be interactive across a wide variety of teaching modes and well lit spaces that create a bright, welcoming space.