A computer room located deep in the basement of a building, open until late but surrounded by workshops, lockers and anonymous corridors is not an enticing concept. However, with the capacity to work on computers at a premium on campus, OLD B.25 was an in demand space.  Informed by the intentions of departments to support media making and entrepreneurial collaboration, this room has been transformed.  The Hive studio, as it is now known, is a collaborative technology room, built on the principles of co-working spaces.

With group work supported by writable surfaces, innovative screen sharing capability, a problem solving/group work cell and cafe style high benches, the Hive Studio is the first ‘loud’ computer room at the LSE with discussion and engagement actively encouraged. Building on the School’s growing use of media making, nearly half the computer have ‘Apple Final Cut Pro’ installed to allow students to edit and produce multimedia for assessment and course presentations.