Students have made it clear that they don’t have enough spaces around the campus for independent study, for collaborative work, to power their devices or to simply sit between classes (especially where they don’t have to pay for food and drink, or share the space with the public). Our aim was to design spaces in Clement House that are flexible and fulfil a variety of functions; allow students to own and shape the space, to provide and support social interactions and engagement (conversations and community), to offer personal spaces with no distractions (retreat) and to provide resources (power, natural light, work spaces).

We want these spaces to represent what it means to study at the LSE. These spaces are an opportunity to bring society and London into the School environment. To inspire curiosity and creativity in students. To offer students space to develop the trans-disciplinary skills of collaboration and communications. To enhance the community feel of LSE informal learning spaces.

Each floor has its own world city theme, (as IR is the home department in the building) with corresponding artwork and technology (including Apple iMac, Mac mini, Smart Kapp board, collaborative tables) and furniture to enable different types of learning activities.

We aim to understand how students use these and other informal learning spaces across campus to inform future developments. As a result we carried out an evaluation and published the results in a report, along with more general reflections around the pedagogy of space and the lessons learnt. You can read our blog post highlighting the main findings or access the full report on LSE Research Online.

Level 2 – Rio de Janeiro Level 3 – New York
_dsc5499 _dsc5510
Creative, maker space, that is flexible with emphasis on writing. Contains one whiteboard and one interactive smart board to share ideas direct from the board to your devices Cafe style break space, wooden bench for individual work & laptop use, an Apple iMac is available for use
Level 4 – London Level 5 – Sydney
_dsc5563 _dsc5585
Conversation space, informal meeting layout to encourage discussion Collaborative space – standing height seating and writing with white board
Level 6 – Tokyo Level 7 – Cape Town
_dsc5599 _dsc5623
Connectivity and team working – technology to facilitate sharing, can plug devices into screen and a Mac Mini available for use Comfortable quiet reading quiet space, with comfy chairs and plants for a more homely feel