Innovative Teaching and Learning Spaces at the LSE

Space is a critical part of shaping learning and teaching.  Space shapes the way the rest of our senses engage in the visual and verbal interactions taking place in our classroom, computer rooms and learning spaces. From the tactility and position of the furniture, to the ambience of the lighting through to the opportunities to engage, collaborate, create and inspire; teaching and learning spaces are more than the sum of the chairs and tables in a room.

The LSE is reviewing and rethinking what space means to teaching and learning at the School. Learning Technology and Innovation, AV Services, the Teaching and Learning Centre and the Estates Division are working collaboratively to lead the discussion about how students and teachers (along with our community) use the spaces we have now (informing the spaces that are yet to come). We are designing a new vision for learning and teaching space at the School, that is responsive and flexible to the needs of students and teachers. We are drawing inspiration from the city that surrounds us, the transformative influence of Social Science and the wider world of higher education.  This won’t happen overnight, but you can already see the first results of our programme of consultation and activity.

10 Year Teaching and Learning Spaces Development Programme

To this end, LSE has embarked on an ambitious programme of redevelopment of its existing teaching and learning spaces that is fully funded for 10 years from 2017-18 onwards. The results of the initial phases of this work are outlined below. This redevelopment work is in addition to the new and exciting teaching and learning spaces included in both of the new buildings currently under development (the Centre building and the Paul Marshall building).

Teaching Spaces

KSWG01 KingsChambers ParishHall
32L OLD.4.10 TW2PC

Learning Spaces 

20KSWFoyer TW2Markets Hive
Hive 20K1

 Interactive Map of New Learning Spaces (hover over the image)