Learning Technology and Innovation look to establish projects that innovate, drive collaboration with staff and students and encourage forward thinking for teaching and learning.

Featured Projects


Teaching and Learning Spaces

We are designing a new vision for learning and teaching space at the School, that is responsive and flexible to the needs of students and teachers. We are drawing inspiration from the city that surrounds us, the transformative influence of Social Science and the wider world of higher education.



Constitution UK

Constitution UK was a collaborative project that aimed to crowdsource and hack the UK constitution. The project, led by LSE Professor Connor Gearty of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) in partnership with Learning Technology and Innovation (LTI).



Student as Producers

SAP@LSE is a series of linked projects designed to transform the learning, teaching and assessment experience at the LSE through supporting, embedding and scaling the role of students as co-producers and co-constructers of content and knowledge.




This project focuses on the student perspective which encompasses what technology students currently use for their studies and how they see the role of technology in education evolve in a few years’ time.