Podcasting Economic Geography

/Podcasting Economic Geography

Student-produced interview podcasts

The project team:
Neil Lee
Peter Bryant

“I am seeking to launch a student-led podcasting project with students across the two core economic geography programmes in the LSE. The podcast would involve mixed student groups interviewing key LSE staff members (and eventually external interviewees) about their research, with the aim of (a) breaking down barriers between students and academics, (b) encouraging the students to engage with ‘leading edge’ research produced in the school, (c) helping develop a culture where students can critically evaluate the research considered by academics in the department.”

Neil Lee

The students would be provided with podcasting equipment and – following discussion with me – would interview members of LSE staff about their research. The students would be encouraged to investigate the general background on the subject, but also to probe for the methodological strengths and weaknesses of the approaches: what do we know and what don’t we?

LTI will also train the students in podcasting methods.

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