Narrating the Life (and Death) of Multiculturalism

/Narrating the Life (and Death) of Multiculturalism

Narrating the Life (and Death) of Multiculturalism

Replacing group presentations with short films narrating the students’ take on the theme of multiculturalism in a fourth year European Institute course.

     The project team:
Jennifer Jackson-Preece,
Maria Werdine Norris
and Darren Moon

“EU 458 Identity, Community & the ‘Problem’ of Minorities ends with a student debate on the ‘Death of Multiculturalism’. Instead of group presentations, the initiative would ask students to work in small groups (3-4) over a 2-3 week period to produce a short (5 minute) film narrating their take on this theme. The films would be screened in LT week 11, and a general debate / discussion would follow on from them. The films would then be  available in a permanent video archive  on the EU 458 Moodle page.I am aiming to disrupt the predictable student presentation traditionally used at LSE. I want students to approach the role of presentation in EU 458 from a fresh perspective that facilitates greater creativity and ownership of ideas. ”

Jennifer Jackson-Preece, European Institute