All Moodle users can dock and minimise blocks (see Log into Moodle). As Teacher (Editor) you have additional permissions to control their behaviour and position on the page, remove them and add new ones. This guide covers configuring, moving and removing blocks. See Add Blocks if you want to add new blocks.

To work with blocks you must first Turn Editing on. You will notice that two icons blockiconare then available top right of each block below the minimise and docking icons.movedelete1

 Move a block

  1.  To move a block within the same column, click and drag the move moveicon icon to locate the block in the new position.
  2. To move a block to a different column, click the drop-down on the Configure blockconfigiconicon and select Configure XXXX block.  Then scroll down to On this page and select a different region: right if it is currently on the left. (You also have the option in the section above Where this block appears to set a default region across the course.)
  1. This will move it to the other column (region) where you can then move it as required.

Delete (or hide) a block

You cannot delete or hide the NAVIGATION and ADMINISTRATION blocks.

  1. To delete or hide a block, click the drop-down on Configure  blockconfigicon icon and select the appropriate option.
  2. If you delete a block in error, scroll to ADD A BLOCK at the bottom of the left hand column, click the Add… drop down and select it from the list.

For more on adding new blocks see Add Blocks.

Other Configure options

There are other Configure options that you any want to explore. These will vary according to the block. For example, the NAVIGATION block options include whether users can dock it and how detailed the navigation menu should be.