Who is this for? Staff who are responsible for how a Moodle course is structured in terms of the overall layout and the naming and ordering of its constituent sections. You may be working on a new course or an existing one in need of revision.

Moodle roles required: Teacher (Editor) and above see Moodle roles at LSE.

The guides cover the main aspects of course layout and presentation including:

  1. Choosing a format
  2. Adding or removing blocks
  3. Adding introductory text at the top of the course page
  4. Adding or Editing section titles and descriptions
  5. Re-ordering sections and adding new ones

Long course! Avoid ‘scroll of death’
Moodle provides a range of course formats to cater for different types of course content and structures. Consider using Collapsed topics or Grid format if your course is very long and suffers from the Moodle ‘scroll of death’. Check best practice of course formats for structuring lengthy courses.
Changing the format of an existing course will not remove any content; it will just change how it’s displayed.

Use meaningful names
Edit default section names such as Topic 1 to something more meaningful

Not using it? Remove it
Remove redundant blocks.

Encourage student feedback about course structure, usability, content etc.
Your students can provide feedback about your course. Ask them to tell you if they find it to be user friendly, if the navigation is easy etc. Ask for their suggestions.
The choice and questionnaire activities are great for this purpose.