You will normally only use this manual enrolment method for staff. Students should get automatic access on the basis of their module registration or be able to self-enrol. Auditing students are usually handled via self-enrolment. If you need to enrol a large number of students, please email LTI on

You can only enrol people to a role lower than you in the Moodle hierarchy e.g. Teacher (Editor)s can enrol Teachers but not other Teacher (Editor)s. If someone needs access at the same or higher level to you, you will need to contact your Departmental Administrator or LTI on

    1. To enrol others on your course, click on Users / Enrolled users in Course Administration in the ADMINISTRATION block. (Alternatively, you can go via NAVIGATION/Participants and select the configure icon cog that appears to right of the number of participants.)
      Enrolled users
    1. See Check enrolments on a course for how to find out who is already enrolled. When you are satisfied someone is not enrolled, click Enrol users at the top right.
    1. Click on the drop-down menu on the next screen to select the role you want to enrol someone in and type their name or part of it in the box at the bottom and click Search.
    1. Click Enrol on the right hand side of the name. If you want to enrol others, repeat the Search/Enrol process. On completion, click Finish enrolling users.

N.B. If your search reveals no one by the name you searched for, it probably means the person concerned is already enrolled. See Check enrolments on a course for how to find out who is already enrolled. However, it could also mean they do not yet have an LSE account for Moodle. If the latter is the case, contact

Change a user’s level of access

Someone may already be enrolled on the course but in the wrong role. (To upgrade a role, you need to have a higher level of access than the new role e.g. to upgrade a Teacher to Teacher (Editor) you need to be a Manager. Contact if you need to upgrade your own role.)

To change a user’s role:

    1. Locate the person concerned in the enrolled users list (via Users / Enrolled users in Course Administration in the ADMINISTRATION block).teachersusers
    1. Click the Assign roles icon add to the right of their current role and choose a new role from the list that appears. You will only see roles that are available to your role e.g. in this example the Manager role is not available because the person granting access is a Manager and therefore not able to allocate a role at the same level.
    1. The new role then appears alongside the selected user.
    1. To reduce the level of access e.g. change a Teacher (Editor) to Teacher, first add Teacher and then use X to remove Teacher (Editor). (You cannot remove a role unless the user already has multiple roles).

Remove a participant from a course

You cannot remove users who have been enrolled via Category enrolments or LSE IMS Messaging.

To remove a self-enrolled user:

  1. Locate the user in Enrolled Users list.
  2. Click X in the Enrolment Methods column for that user.manual
  3. You are then presented with the question ‘Do you really want to unenrol user “XXX” from course “XXX”?’. Respond Continue if you are sure.