Use this process to check the status of student enrolments on a course or whether a particular member of staff has access.

N.B. Students registered for a course on LSE For You (LFY) are automatically enrolled for the equivalent course in Moodle. LFY, not Moodle, is the official course registration system therefore students need to be registered for their courses on LFY to get access to Moodle.

Moodle is automatically updated with LFY registration every 5 minutes. Student automated enrolments will appear as LSE IMS Messaging. You cannot remove (unenrol) students added on Moodle via the automated process. The only way a student will be removed is if they change course on LFY.

    1. To find out who is already enrolled on a course and in what capacity, click on Users / Enrolled users in Course Administration in the ADMINISTRATION block.
      This will show all enrolled users, when and whether they have accessed the course, their role (student, teacher etc.), group membership (if applicable) and the Enrolment method by which they obtained access. LSE IMS Messaging and Category enrolment are forms of automated enrolment.
    1. To see who is enrolled under a particular type of enrolment, select a Role from the drop down list at the top and click Filter. You can also filter by enrolment method, group etc. For example, if you choose enrolment method LSE IMS Messaging, you will see the list of students officially registered for the course.
    1. To return to an unfiltered view of enrolments, click Reset.
    2. To check whether a particular person is enrolled, type their name or part of it in the Search box and click Filter.
    3. If a student taking your class does not appear under automated enrolment (LSE IMS Messaging), advise them to register on LFY. If there is a large number of missing students, you should email LTI support on
    4. To enrol a missing member of staff, contact your departmental administrator or