The Question bank allows you to organise all quiz questions used on your course. Questions can be added directly to the Question bank or while building a quiz (see Add a Quiz). Questions in the Question bank can be used across multiple quizzes.

Create questions in the Question Bank

  1. In ADMINISTRATION, select Question bank/Questions.
  2. Select a Category for the question. (If you have not created categories yet, you can add the question to the default category and sort it later.)
  3. Then select Create a new question and follow the guidance in Question types for Moodle quizzes.

Use questions from the Question Bank in a quiz

  1. When you click on an empty or partially finished quiz, you will be prompted to Edit quiz as below.
  1. You then have the option to Add a question or SHOW QUESTION BANK CONTENTS. Click SHOW.
  1. Select (tick) the required question(s) from the Question bank and click Add to quiz.
  1. The questions appear in the quiz, from where they can be reordered, edited or deleted using the icons reviewiconon the right.  When you have finished with the Question bank, click HIDE. Remember to Save as you proceed.

Create question categories

  1. You can subdivide questions on a course into categories to match the different quiz topics. To start with, there is one default category for the course. To add more, select Question bank/Categories.
  2. This will display any existing categories and provide the option to add more in Add category. Select a Parent category if it is not the default category. Type a Name and provide Category info if required. Then Add category.

The new subcategory now appears under its parent.

Move questions to a new category

  1. Click Question bank / Questions.
  1. Select questions, click the categories drop-down, select the required category and press Move to >>
  2. The questions appear in their new category. To move more questions, repeat the process.