N.B. Any settings not mentioned below can be left as default; and you must enable Turnitin on assignments before any submissions are made if you want those files to have originality reports generated for them.

  1. Go to Edit settings of the assignment on which you want to generate Turnitin originality reports. The setting that you must activate is in Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings. Enable Turnitin by selecting Yes.
  1. Then decide whether Originality Reports are displayed to students.
  1. Decide whether you want submissions to be stored in the repository or not. This means the student’s submission is stored permanently on the Turnitin database, and work of other students at LSE and other institutions will be checked against it going forward. This is useful for final submissions so Standard Repository should always be used for summative work; but if the student is submitting formative work that might be developed for future assignments then it is advisable to leave it as No Repository, otherwise they will get a report showing self-plagiarism on the later assignment.
  1. Then, make your choice of what checks should be made on the submissions – you must choose at least one but typically you will choose Yes for all three.
  1. In Report Generation Speed select the requirement that meets your needs. Resubmissions …. until due date is essential for self-checking to work correctly if you are letting students see their originality reports; but it is the recommended setting even if students will not see the reports.
  1. The last set of options relate to Turnitin’s matching process. The student’s originality score might be artificially increased if the bibliography and quoted material are not excluded. However, the student also has the option to exclude these when they view the report. Exclude small matches is useful to exclude common phrases that are likely to turn up in everyone’s submission e.g. in the title and in other sources against which papers are matched. If you choose this option, then we recommend you select Words and specify a number of words up to which matches will be ignored.

Recommended settings:

  • Exclude the bibliography because it is likely to show up 100% as it is almost definitely cited elsewhere.
  • Exclude quoted material as lots of student work will include quotes, and they will automatically exist elsewhere (so again Turnitin will flag them as matches). Most referencing protocols ask that any quote of over 25 words is placed as a separate block of text – so this setting will stop these from being matched.
  • There is no limit to how big or small plagiarism can be and Turnitin tends to round up to the nearest whole percent, so if you are excluding small matches based on percentage it is best only to set this at 1%.
  1. Carry on with any other assignment settings and remember to Save at the bottom.

When students use Turnitin for the first time, they will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the service as follows:


It is essential they accept this otherwise their file will not be submitted to Turnitin for checking: if you are enabling Turnitin on one of your assignments for the first time, we recommend you advise your students to expect this message and to accept it.

For more information on Turnitin at LSE, including guides on how to interpret Turnitin originality reports for teachers and students, see our Turnitin web page. You may also want to visit Turnitin FAQs.