In Moodle 3.1 it is not possible to delete a while section/topic rather than having to delete everything inside it first! It’s also worth mentioning that if you delete a section by mistake, it’s possible to restore it back into the course using the recycle bin! If you’ve not heard of the recycle bin, check out our guide.

Back to deleting Moodle sections. This is done in the following way:

  1. Navigate to your course by choosing it from the My Courses drop-down or by searching for it.
  2. Make sure to Turn editing on

  3. Scroll down to the section which you wish to delete
  4. Click the edit on the right hand side of the section
  5. Then click Delete section.
    N.B. For you, it may say Delete topic if this is the course format you are using. More on course formats can be found on our webpage.
  6. The section should now be deleted. Should you wish to restore it follow our recycle bin guide
    N.B. Please note that it is not possible to get rid of section 0. this is the top section/topic where the announcements forum is generally located by default. We would recommend that this section is kept as  clutter free as possible.