There are two text editors available in LSE’s Moodle: the default Text editor Atto, and the alternative TinyMCE. The guide below covers the TinyMCE editor. For information on the default editor see  TinyMCE, see Use the default Text editor.

This editor is provided as an alternative to the default editor Atto. It has some functionality that is not available currently in Atto e.g. more font colour options, find and replace text and the ability to toggle to full screen. However, as Atto is now the main editor for Moodle, it will be further developed in future versions reducing the need to use TinyMCE.

Activate the TinyMCE editor

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner and select Preferences
  2. Select Editor preferences under User account
  3. Select TinyMCE HTML editor from the drop down list of text editors and save changes.

Having done this, the TinyMCE toolbar (described below) will replace Atto wherever the editor is available. To revert to Atto, repeat the process above and select Default editor.

Collapsed toolbar


1 Expand 2 Format 3 Bold 4 Italic 5 Bullet list
6 Numbered list 7 Link 8 Unlink 9 Stop auto linking 10 Add image
11 Add media 12 Manage embedded files

Expanded toolbar (Row 2)


13 Undo 14 Redo 15 Underline 16 Strikethrough 17 Subscript
18 Superscript 19 Left align 20 Centre align 21 Right align 22 Decrease indent
23 Increase indent 24 Text colour 25 Background colour 26 Left to right 27 Right to left

Expanded toolbar (Row 3)


28 Font family 29 Font size 30 Use HTML 31 Find 32 Find/replace
33 Insert equation 34 Insert non-breaking space 35 Insert special character 36 Insert table 37 Clean up code
38 Clear formatting 39 Paste as plain text 40 Paste from MS Word 41 Toggle full screen