What is a Moodle Lesson?

A Moodle lesson is a series of web pages, which contain a mix of static content, choices and questions that can be used to determine the route the student takes through the material. A simple lesson might provide some basic information about a subject interspersed with questions to test the student’s understanding and ability to proceed to the next bit of information. More complex options exist, e.g. to have pop out windows running alongside the lesson pages, clusters of questions and random paths through the material so students get a personalised experience.

Lessons can be graded.

Design a Lesson using a flowchart

Lessons require some preparation before you try to set them up in Moodle. Even for simple ones, you are advised to produce some kind of flowchart of the instructional paths. Here is an example for a simple lesson about Northern Ireland.


When this has been created in Moodle, the content and question pages can be listed in a tabular fashion showing the type of page and branching. This is how the above flowchart maps into a lesson structure.


There are two steps to the lesson creation process: