Moodle annual refresh

Each year Moodle courses are refreshed to remove old student data and make the courses available for the next cohort of students.  Information on the annual refresh can be found here.

LSE Moodle Archive

LSE Moodle Archive

Information about the LSE Moodle Archives – digital record of Moodle courses from previous academic years for students and staff.


Moodle Guides

A selection of guides to help you make the most of Moodle


Moodle Training

Moodle Basics self paced training can be completed on a one to one basis or we can also run bespoke departmental training sessions please contact for more details or to arrange a session. We also run scheduled sessions at busy times of the year which are advertised on the LSE training system.maths-by-ajc1-on-flickr-670335

User story: Moodle Quizzes

Quizzes within Moodle can offer insight into how students are performing in certain topics; such information could be used to establish a student’s understanding of a topic and a level of knowledge before starting a topic.



Moodle FAQs

For students
For staff


User story: Moodle is collaboration

“Moodle should be promoted in the future to make courses more collaborative.”



Use Turnitin directly through Moodle

Support documentations for staff and students on how to use Turnitin