Moodle updates and service report

LSE Moodle is currently operating a Good Service
Courses created in 28 days: 29
UG courses: 379
PG courses: 928

Moodle annual reset
Information on the annual reset can be found here. Please note the reset for this year has been completed.


User story: Moodle Quizzes

Quizzes within Moodle can offer insight into how students are performing in certain topics; such information could be used to establish a student’s understanding of a topic and a level of knowledge before starting a topic.



User story: Course Layout

“We chose to have a collapsible view as otherwise the page was far too long and meant that students would have to scroll through a lot of unnecessary information to find what they were looking for.”

(European Institute Charlie Fiddy MSC General Programme)


Moodle FAQs

For students
For staff


User story: Moodle is collaboration

“Moodle should be promoted in the future to make courses more collaborative.”



Turnitin-Moodle Integration

Support documentations for staff and students on how to use Turnitin in Moodle