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Moodle at LSE

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What is it?

Moodle is an open source virtual learning environment (VLE). A VLE provides web-based support for courses and programmes by bringing together a range of resources and tools in one location that is available at any time and from any place via the internet.

There is an upgrade to Moodle version 2.6 scheduled for 3rd September. See our move to Moodle 2.6 page for more details.


About Moodle at LSE

  • Currently there are 1250 courses on LSE Moodle (Nov 2013)
  • Moodle is available to all LSE teaching staff and students
  • Users must agree to Moodle conditions of use

Use Moodle for

  • Distribution of course information and reading lists
  • Communication & collaboration (discussion boards, wikis)
  • Assessment & feedback (quizzes, assignments collection)
  • Multimedia content (video, images etc)

Support at LSE