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Creating a Reading List in Moodle

LSE has uses a reading list system, Reading Lists @ LSE. The following questions will help you find the information you need to add your reading lists to Moodle.

Are my lists on Reading Lists @ LSE ?

If you teach an undergraduate course, the answer is yes. Some postgraduate courses have also been added. If your course isn't there yet, or is a brand-new course, you can add it yourself. Contact to get started using the system. Online Guides are available including the Reading List Quick Guide and the Reading List Bookmarking Guide. This screencast will also show you the basics.

How do I link my lists on Reading Lists @ LSE to Moodle?

Please use our step-by-step instructions: Adding a Reading list to Moodle

My lists aren't on Reading Lists @ LSE. How do I update the existing lists in Moodle instead?

During the transitional period, LTI will continue to offer training and support for maintenance of "old-style" reading lists. Please contact for advice. If you are just looking for details of how to link to specific resources, please see Linking to readings.

My list is on Reading Lists @ LSE, but I already started updating the existing lists in Moodle. Do I have to start all over again?

No! You can continue to use the old style lists if you prefer and switch to using the new system in Lent term. Please contact us at and we'll be happy to advise you.