Each year, Moodle courses are refreshed to remove old student data and prepare for the next cohort of students. Current staff and students will need to take action to ensure they have all the information they need from Moodle before the refresh take effect.

Note: Courses are made unavailable (hidden) to students as part of the refresh. Editors will need to make them available to the new cohort when ready.


For 2019 the refresh will take place on:

Tuesday 27 August and Wednesday 28 August 2019.  Moodle will be unavailable all day for all users.

Tuesday 10th September 2019 for courses used to collect dissertation submissions (primarily those with 499 course codes).  These courses will be unavailable on Moodle all day.

If you would like your course/s to be exempt from the 2019 refresh please email lti.support@lse.ac.uk

  • All student enrolments
  • Forum posts (and attachments) by students, teachers, and editors
  • Events (in the course calendar)
  • All student contributions, including :
    • Assignment submissions
    • Choices
    • Course completion data
    • Databases
    • Glossaries
    • Grades
    • Groups (and group members)
    • Local role overrides
    • Lessons
    • Quiz attempts
    • SCORM
    • Survey answers
    • Survey analysis
    • Wiki entries, comments and tags
  • Any content uploaded by editors: Readings lists, lecture notes, links to papers etc.
  • User accounts; staff and continuing students use the same accounts in the next academic year.
  • Forum subscriptions
  • Forum tracking preferences
  • Groupings (groups of groups)

Any lecture recording activities in your Moodle course(s) will not be deleted and will still link to the lecture recordings for the 2018/19 academic year so if you do not wish to make them available to students they will need to be hidden or deleted.  For new lecture recordings a new echo360 activity will need to be added to the Moodle course, see the Moodle guide for more details.

Please note that in order for Moodle to automatically link to the correct lecture recordings the lecture recording activity needs to be added AFTER your first lecture takes place. Adding the new, 19/20, lecture recording activity before your first lecture will result in you having to manually search for the course, section and term as outlined in our guide here: http://lti.lse.ac.uk/moodleportal/adding-content-to-moodle/add-a-link-to-recorded-lectures-echo-360-recordings/add-a-link-to-recorded-lectures-from-other-courses-echo360-recordings/

From Tuesday 27 August to Wednesday 28 August 2019, you will be unable to access your Moodle courses for the 2018/19 academic session. If you will require any information stored on Moodle after that time, you will need to download it before 14 August.

If your dissertation will be submitted through Moodle, you will have until 10th September 2019 to make your submission and download any items you may need.  You will not be able to submit assignments for the 2018/19 academic year through Moodle after 10th September, and must make other arrangements with your course teachers for late submissions.

Courses are made unavailable (hidden) to students as part of the reset. Editors will need to make courses available (visible) to the new cohort when ready.

The majority of students will not have access to their 2018/19 Moodle courses beyond 27th August.  Students must have downloaded any items they wish to continue to use before 27th August, and you must have downloaded all student assignment submissions.

The exceptions to this are:

  • Courses used to collect dissertation submissions, which primarily applies to courses with course codes ending in 499. For these, the later reset date of 10th September will apply.
  • Courses that will be used again by current students, e.g. departmental and programme level undergraduate courses. These will carry forward their student data to 2019/20.

After 10th September 2019, Moodle cannot be used to collect submissions for assignments due in the 2018/19 academic session. Separate arrangements must be made for students submitting 2018/19 assignments after 10th September.

If you have not already done so, you must contact LTI as soon as possible if your course is scheduled to be reset on 14th August and you would like to be available until the later reset date of 11th September, or if your course should retain all student data for 2018/19.

We recommend that updates to Moodle courses are made after 28th August 2019, where possible.  We take archives of all reset courses so that we are able to reinstate them later if necessary.  If you make changes before 26th August, please be aware that the archive of your course will not be a true reflection of your 2018/19 course.

If you wish to update your Moodle course for 2019/20 before 28th August, we recommend that you add items to the relevant sections within the course, but set them as ‘hidden’ until after 28th August.  You can reveal them and delete any 2018/19 content after this point.  Alternatively, you could update your external files and wait until after 28th August to upload them

Check out the Moodle checklist on getting your course ready for the start of term.

Moodle courses are automatically hidden when the student data is reset. This is to prevent new students from accessing resources they shouldn’t see.

When your course is ready, you will need to make it visible.

If you have any questions please email LTI.Support@lse.ac.uk