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MA100 Maths Interactive Quizzes

Using a specialist online assessment system to enhance assessment and feedback provision

     The project team:
Michael Yiasemides
and Kris Roger

“The aim of the project is to create a platform, using Numbas maths e-assessment software, for the MA100 Mathematical Methods course. This platform will be accessible by any student on the MA100 course via a PC with a reasonable internet connection. It will be designed to present a question to the student, guide them and provide hints where necessary, and assess their work. The questions will serve as the homework that they currently get. “

Michael Yasemides, Department of Mathematics

“The students will be receiving more feedback on their work, and in a way the helps them learn better. Other than the obvious benefit that this will help them improve their mathematical abilities, they will also feel more engaged and motivated when completing their homework, and more supported by their teachers when they receive feedback as they will receive more individual attention. With regards to the effect on the teachers’ practice, we will have more time to spend per submitted homework so we will be able to better meet the individual student’s needs.”