Deadline for 2018/19 applications: Friday 8th March 2019

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Learning Technology and Innovation (LTI) are proud to launch the IGNITE grants programme. These grants support large-scale, technology informed, initiatives with the potential to have a substantial and lasting impact on teaching, learning and assessment at course or programme level.

We will offer funding up to £10,000 per project for course or programme level redesigns which integrate technology to enhance students’ learning experience.

IGNITE! builds on the successful projects that LTI have funded through our SPARK! programme. These grants are open to all academic staff at the School, as well as to programme or course teams (or whole departments)

Goals of IGNITE!

IGNITE! grants will help the LSE teaching and learning community to deliver transformative educational innovations at a course or programme level.

Successful IGNITE! projects should help the School deliver on its strategic aims to enhance the quality of teaching and learning through technological innovation. The goals of IGNITE! are to:

⦿ transform the student experience

⦿ support the School’s Education Strategy

⦿ improve NSS results

⦿ maximise the opportunities for feedback and development of new ideas

⦿ develop educational projects that set teaching and learning on fire through the use of technology, and

⦿ inspire others to follow.

Friday of Lent term week 8
For 2018/19 applications: 8th March 2019

LSE academic staff in full-time/part-time contracts, GTAs, Postdoctoral researchers and Teaching Fellows are eligible to apply for funding.

Applicants should be confident that the proposed grant meets all the required School Quality Assurance processes (for example, USSC/GSSC approval and discussion with the Academic Partnerships, where appropriate).

More information on Quality Assurance at LSE:

LSE’s Ethics Code:

Applicants need to be supported by their Head of Department (or Deputy Head for Teaching and Learning). HoDs will have to complete the IGNITE! Statement of Support.

Applicants need to be available throughout the project (including evaluation). Should there be a change in their availability (e.g. sabbatical, maternity leave, etc.), applicants will need to inform LTI as soon as possible to make the necessary adjustments.

We welcome applications from both individuals and course/programme teams.

This is a one off funding for up to one year, without the possibility of renewal.

Funding covers:

⦿ Cost of software licence, technology, etc. for the period of the grant

⦿ Hourly-paid staff time

⦿ Conference registration fees (excluding travel)

⦿ Equipment. LTI are offering kits of equipment that can be borrowed for up to a year:

  • Filming equipment
  • iPad kits: iPad Air or iPad Mini
  • Podcasting kits: Zoom H1 digital audio recorder and accessories

Funding cannot cover:

⦿ Ongoing software license, technology, etc. beyond the period of the grant. Applicants should arrange ongoing costs with their department

⦿ Funding cannot be used to release academics from their teaching responsibilities but can be used to hire GTAs or Research Assistants specifically for the project.

⦿ Conference travel fees (these should be arranged by the applicant)

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

⦿ The extent that the project should improve/enhance the student experience.

⦿ Active involvement of a wide variety of people within the department (departmental staff, teaching staff and students).

⦿ The extent to which the project is innovative within the Department/School.

⦿ We will not fund replications of existing practice within the same department

⦿ Clear rationale, aims & objectives.

⦿ Appropriate method to achieve the aims.

⦿ Clear set of outcomes and plan to evaluate and disseminate them.

⦿ Sustainability. If there are expectations of ongoing costs or support requirements beyond the initial grant period, applicants should outline how the course/department will meet these.

⦿ Transferability: how applicable is the proposed approach or intervention to other courses within your department or discipline?

⦿ Degree of scalability across disciplines or the School.

1. Draft proposal submissions and consultations (strongly recommended) 

We strongly recommend that you submit a draft proposal of your intended project (abstract) prior to your final application to . LTI will arrange a meeting to provide you with feedback and advice, and where possible will connect you with others within the School that may be helpful for your project. 
If you wish to discuss anything prior to the draft proposal submission please email LTI for an appointment with one of our Senior Learning Technologists.

2. Applications

Applications should be submitted through the online IGNITE! application form (email to obtain it). The application includes the following areas:

⦿ Project summary (title, outline, etc)

⦿ Supporting statement form the Head of Department

⦿ Project Aims and Objectives (aims, impact, method, outcomes)

⦿ Alignment to your departmental education strategy

⦿ Dissemination

⦿ Funding requirements, budget and timescale

⦿ Plan for or approval of USSC/GSSC

⦿ Evaluation plan and deliverables

Please refer to our detailed guidance on how to fill in the form

Paper version of the application form for reference

N.B.: Incomplete applications will not be considered. Make sure you fill in the required information for each section, including budget breakdown, timescale and evaluation plan.

IGNITE! Agreement

By submitting your application, you agree to the IGNITE! grant expectations:

  1. To work in collaboration with the allocated LTI staff member for the whole duration of the project: design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination.
  2. To complete the project within the suggested timescales .
  3. To make every effort to attend a minimum of one dissemination event organised by LTI.
  4. To produce the evaluation report
  5. To contribute to LTI’s efforts of dissemination with LSE’s teaching community (e.g. blog post, interview, etc.)
  6. Your project meets the required School Quality Assurance processes.
  7. Your project is in accordance with LSE’s Ethics Code.
  8. You have planned for or have received approval from USSC/GSSC

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application within a week. Please contact LTI if you haven’t received the confirmation.

LTI will review the applications before sending them to the IGNITE! Committee .You may be contacted to provide further information or clarification on your application. 

Applications will be reviewed by the Committee comprised of key teaching and learning staff (including the Pro-Director, Teaching and Learning) from across the School. However, incomplete applications or applications that do not meet the terms of agreement will not be considered.

Head of Learning Technology and Innovation (Chair)

Pro-Director, Education

Director of IMT

Director of Teaching and Learning Centre

Chair of the Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee

Chair of the Graduate Studies Sub-Committee

LSE Student Union Education Sabbatical Officer

One Senior Learning Technologist from LTI

Stage Dates
Deadline for applications Friday Lent term week 8
LTI Review Lent term week 9
Committee Review Lent term week 10
Approval Lent term week 11
Notification Within two weeks of Committee meeting

If you are successful

1.You will receive a letter of approval from the Pro-Director of Teaching and Learning.

2.Your allocated LTI staff member will contact you to arrange an initial meeting to discuss and agree:

– the practicalities of the project (design, timescales, resources, evaluation and dissemination plan)
– the roles and responsibilities of involved stakeholders.

3. After the meeting you will receive a summary of everything and discussed and agreed, including a reminder of the terms of agreement.

4. The project will officially kick off following your consent to everything discussed and agreed with your allocated Learning Technologist. Following that, LTI will arrange transfer of the funds and/or start the equipment loan process as agreed.

If you are not successful

You will receive a letter explaining to you the reasons why your application was not successful and further recommendations.