A seminar series organised by LSE’s Learning Technology & Innovation team (LTI). The series invites speakers from education, computing and related fields to discuss how technology is shaping the world of education.

Technological developments, particularly the internet, have led to changes in the way institutions can deliver teaching, but are also impacting on students’ skills and their expectations of higher education. This seminar series is open to all and is free to attend. Follow on Twitter using the hashtag #LSENetED. Recordings of the events are made available to watch on the LTI YouTube channel.


Andy Moss Senior Vice President, Pearson Education

Expanding access and outcomes: innovation and investment in the for-profit Higher Education sector

Liz Sproat head of Google Education

Generation Z is coming to your university.... Are you ready?

Professor Robert Allison

Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University

2016/17 seminars

James Clay

Mapping the learning and teaching

23 November 2016

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Alison Powell

Alison Powell

What does big data look like? A data walkshop.

5 October 2016

External Walkshop No recording available

2015/16 seminars

Bonnie Stewart

Academic Twitter: The intersection of Orality & literacy in Scholarship

20 January 2016

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Panel featuring Professor Connor Gearty, Darren Moon, Paul Sullivan

Harnessing the power of the massive

16 December 2015

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Maggie Philbin

Tea, Tech and Teens

12 November 2015

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Dr Donna Lanclos

NetworkED2020: The London University

16 September 2015

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2014/15 seminars

Student Entrepreneur panel

Professor Sonia Livingstone

On developing Social Media literacy

25 Feburary 2015

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Dr Leslie Hadden

On Children using smartphones

Professor Matthew Connelly

Hacking the archive

14 January 2015

Q&A with Matthew Connelly

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Marieke Guy

What does open data have to do with education?

Helen Keegan

On Interactive and social media

Josie Fraser

Digital literacy and practice - making change happen

22 October 2014

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2013/14 seminars

Stephen Downes

Beyond Institutions - personal learning in a networked world

Dr Sylvester Arnab

Games for learning

22 January 2014

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Dave White

What exactly do your students get up to online?

30 April 2014

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Marc Wells

Innovation via a Thin LMS: A middleware alternative to the traditional learning management system

Martin Hawksey

What the little birdy tells me:Twitter in education

13 November 2013

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Karine le Joly

Using i-pads in executive education

5 February 2013

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2012/13 seminars

Exploring social media as data sources for research

26 June 2013

Internal LSE workshop
(no video)

An-Wil Harzing

Using Google scholar and publish or perish to measure research impact

Lindsey Jordan

The needs of the distance learner

17 April 2013

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Ellen Helsper

Value and practice of social networks and social media in education

6 March 2013

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Cathie Jackson, Janet Finlay and Joe Nicholls

Putting digital and information literacy into practice (Digidol project)

6 February 2013

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Carl Miller

Demos, truth, lies and the internet

5 December 2012

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Diana Laurillard

IoE Teaching as a design science: developing reliable knowledge of learning technology

10 October 2012

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Professor Martin Weller

10 Digital scholarship lessons in 10 digital videos

21 March 2012

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2011/12 seminars

Patrick Dunleavy

The Republic of blogs - a new phase in the development, democratization, critique and application of knowledge

David White

I knew the internet wouldn't give me the right answer

Professor John Naughton

What do people really need to know about the internet?

25 January 2012

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Dr Jane Secker and Dr Emma Coonan

Supporting Undergraduate students of the future: developing a new curriculum for information literacy

2 November 2011

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