Learning & Development Programme

Run by LTI and TLC, this practical workshop will take place in one of the newly redesigned classrooms and focus on making the most of the space when designing and teaching lessons.

For teachers scheduled in the new rooms but also anyone interested in the potential of spaces in a teaching and learning context

Date: Week 1 (day/time TBC)

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An event to support the LSE’s commitment to diversify assessment. Find out about successful projects involving technology and get practical advice and resources to run yours.

Date: Wednesday 1st November

Time: 2-4pm

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Workshop participants will leave with a skill set for identifying, applying and designing games for learning and in their own context.

Date: Wednesday 15th November

Time: 2-3.30pm

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The first half of this workshop will consider a range of innovative assessment approaches, including using technology. The second will consider specific courses that participants are considering revising.

Date: Thursday 30th November

Time: 12-1.30pm

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Anne-Marie Scott, Head of Digital Learning Applications and Media at the University of Edinburgh, and Dr Yi-Shan Tsai, Research Associate for the Supporting Higher Education to Integrate Learning Analytics project will present and discuss the use of learning analytics in Higher Education.

Date: Wednesday 6th December 12-1.30pm

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Find below the list of events planned for Lent and Summer. Dates and times will be announced later in the year. Register your interest on the training system to be informed when they have been scheduled.

Playful & Creative Learning

A session run by Chrissi Nerantzi, Principal Lecturer in Academic CPD, expert in creative, innovative learning, teaching and assessment from Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Students as Co-Creators of Knowledge

A showcase of Students as Producers projects with an opportunity to discuss ideas and share resources and experiences to get inspired for your own teaching.

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Digital Storytelling

A session led by Tricia Jenkins from DigiTales, a not-for-profit research and participatory media company hosted by the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths.

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Escape Rooms in an Educational Context

An overview of what escape rooms are and how their mechanism can be used in class to encourage active and deeper learning (problem solving, critical thinking, etc.).

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Pedagogical Research

A session for staff running teaching innovation projects to help them design a suitable  evaluation of their impact on the teaching and learning experience.

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Using Learning Technology in Class

Explore the many options you can use in your class to improve teaching and learning without having to be a tech expert!

These courses  run on an as and when basis.

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  • We also deliver bespoke offers to groups and departments. Contact Sarah Ney to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Engaging Assessment with Technology

A session on the various ways technology can support assessment and improve student engagement.

Students as Producers: Filmmaking

An introduction to the benefits and implications of using student-made documenatry filmmaking in your course.

Driving Student Engagement in Moodle

Discover Moodle’s functionalities and online learning pedagogies to promote engagement with your course and outside the class.

Students as Producers: Blogging

A session on the various ways you can embed blog writing into your course and its assessment.

Promoting Active Learning

An overview of the ways to encourage students to play a more active role in their learning through innovative pedagogical approaches and technology.

Flipped Lectures

Reflect on how you can “flip” your lectures to make effective use of the face-to-face time with your students while differientating them from seminars and classes.

Game-Based Learning

Whether online or physical, discover how different types of games and their mechanics can be used in teaching and improve learning outcomes.


A session on the approach that consists in using the mechanics of game design in a non-gaming context such as education and how to embed them in your course to enhance learning.

Effective (Powerpoint) Presentations for Teaching

Discover the characteristics of an effective presentation, get tips on good design and explore various tools and features to support your presentation.

Using Social Media for Teaching

This session provides a general introduction to social media tools with a focus on their possible applications for teaching and learning.

NetworkED is a seminar series organised by LSE’s Learning Technology & Innovation team (LTI). The series invites speakers from education, computing and related fields to discuss how technology is shaping the world of education. Technological developments, particularly the internet, have led to changes in the way institutions can deliver teaching, but are also impacting on students’ skills and their expectations of higher education. The seminar series is live streamed to enable an audience from around the world to listen and participate online.

NetworkED Playlist


Calendar of Events

Events and workshops organised by LTI


Moodle Recharge

Moodle is getting a recharge for 2017/18.  In addition to the usual refresh of all courses we will be upgrading to version 3.1.  On the 27 June LTI went through some of the new features for editors and unveiled our new theme for the platform.  We also shared the results of our Moodle audit and invited Moodle editors to try out our new features ‘my feedback’ and Moodle labs.

A summary of the Moodle recharge event can be found on our blog and an overview of some of the new features for Moodle 3.1 can be found on our Moodle portal.