Key dates about the current Moodle Archive

Archive copies of LSE Moodle will be taken towards the end of every academic year just after the main exam period. This year (2018/19) the archive will be taken on 17 June 17 2019. The deadline (grace period) to edit and make your courses visible on LSE Moodle Archive 2018/19 will be announced soon. To access previous year archives visit LSE Moodle Archives.

What is a Moodle Archive?

LSE Moodle Archives are a read-only copy(*) of LSE Moodle for each academic year.

The purpose of the LSE Moodle Archives is to retain an accessible digital record of each course for students and staff. This is useful for students who have to resit or retake courses and for students and staff who want to review material from previous years. It also keeps the current year’s courses on Moodle clutter free.

Each year, an archive copy will be created and it will be kept for three years.

All records present on LSE Moodle will be included in the archive. This includes, course content (e.g. resources), activities (e.g. forum posts, assignments, quizzes), stored records, grades and feedback.  Please note that due to license agreements lecture recordings will only be available in the most current archive and will be removed after one year.

The level of access to the archives reflects the level of access on the day the archive copy was created. For example, if a student was enrolled on a suite of courses when the 2017/18 archive was taken, they will have access to the same courses (albeit read-only) in the 2017/18 archive.

(*) IMPORTANT NOTE: By default, courses within the Moodle archive are ‘hidden’. There is a grace period (see below), when editors can prepare their archived copies and make them available (‘visible’).

Please note,
if you do not make your course ‘visible’ during the grace period it will not be available as a read-only copy in the LSE Moodle Archive.

What is the Grace period?

When the archive is created is editable for a period of one month (grace period). This is to allow you to edit your course as it may NOT be desirable for all of your course content and activities to become available to students on the archive.

By default, when the archive is created all courses within it are ‘hidden’ from students. Moreover, all quizzes and assignments within the courses are also ‘hidden’. If students are required to see their grades/feedback (and in case of assignments to download their submissions), the activity needs to be visible.

Once the archive is available, it will editable for about a month to make changes to courses before making it available to students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Past the grace period you will not be able to make further changes and the archive will become read-only for all (only if the course was made visible, see below ‘What editors must do during the grace period?’).

Students will not have at any point editing permissions. They can only access archive courses as read-only when and if you will make them ‘visible’.

What editors must do during the Grace period?


Within the grace period:

    • Go to LSE Moodle Archives and access the archive you want to edit (during grace period).
    • Hide and/or reveal any activities and/or resources within the course.
      Click Turn editing on > Click Edit (use the drop-down menu next to the activity you want to hide/reveal) > Select Hide (or Show depending on your choice).
    • Make the course visible in the archive, so that students will be able to see the read-only copy.
      From the Administration block, click Edit settings > from the drop-down menu Visible select Show.

If you have any queries or if you require help to prepare your courses for the archive, please contact