Interactive video resources using H5P

/Interactive video resources using H5P

Using H5P to create interactive video resources

Sonya Onwu LSEDarren Moon LSEAggie Molnar LTI LSE

The project team:

Sonya Onwu (Law) & Lourdes Hernandez-Martin (Language Centre) and Darren Moon & Aggie Molnar & Geraldine Foley (LTI) 


“The Foundational Legal Skills (FLS) course will be core for all first year LLB students (approximately 180 students). FLS will adopt a blended approach to teaching, with weekly classes throughout the Michaelmas term and online materials instead of lectures. The aim is twofold: to aid students in transitioning to higher education; and to train them in basic legal and academic skills, such as writing, legal research, answering problem questions, and making legal arguments.

H5P activities such as audio recordings, dialog cards, and self-test questions, will be used to deliver content and facilitate ongoing self-assessment, which will allow them to improve their skills. Students will produce an e-portfolio which will include the results of their self-tests, samples of work, and a reflective summary identifying key areas for improvement. This e-portfolio will then form the basis for 121 discussions with a member of the LAWS team how to improve upon those areas of weakness”

Sonya Onwu

“We will be piloting the use of H5P to create self-paced and tutor led interactive language modules. Our pilot project will be based in the creation of an 8-hour module on the Goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) related to sustainable cities and communities and will use a microlearning approach to enable students to learn Spanish at Intermediate level.”

Lourdes Hernandez-Martin

LTI will be helping with developing H5P interactive activities on Moodle and with the evaluation of the use of H5P and it’s impact on student learning.



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