Fieldwork Video Gobbet

/Fieldwork Video Gobbet

Introducing a new form of assessment with student-produced videos

The project team:

Taylor Sherman
Darren Moon

“Gobbet analysis is an essential part of an historian’s training and of all 300-level IH courses: students learn to analyse a document looking at who made the source, in what context, with what audience in mind, and what scholarly arguments surround it.

The Fieldwork Video Gobbet (FVG) transfers this skill from esoteric texts to the real world. One aim is to get students to think about how and why historians select sources; another is to prompt them to use their gobbet analysis skills as they walk through their world; a final aim is to encourage students to have fun creatively connecting things they encounter in the wider world to what they are studying in the course.”

Taylor Sherman, International History

Students will produce a roughly 3-4 minute video. Examples will be posted on Moodle. Detailed advice, including a marking rubric, will be provided before the course begins.

The FVG is similar to a presentation, but is viewed online before class and therefore does not have the detrimental effects on class participation that are felt by student presentations. Moodle-based discussions of the FVG from other students should bring in all members of the class to constructively engage with this student-produced content. Insights from the videos will be brought into seminar discussions.