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NetworkED: Technology in Education

Patrick Dunleavy

Patrick Dunleavy
is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the LSE. Author and editor of numerous books on political science theory, British politics & urban politics; current research includes a seven country study of central governments relating to the IT industry for the UK’s ESRC.

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The Republic of Blogs – a new phase in the development, democratization, critique and application of knowledge

Date: Wednesday 6 June 2012 3pm

After a long period of monopolising academic discourse, European universities went into decline as classical scholasticism, which was primarily inward and backward looking, gave way to the ideas of Enlightenment. Intellectual development moved outside the walled gardens of academia, because enlightenment thinkers shifted their various discourses into the realm of correspondence, creating a Republic of Letters. Prof. Dunleavy argues that we are currently experiencing a similar shift towards a Republic of Blogs that enlarges communication, debate and evidence beyond the halls of universities. Academic research is changing, academic publishing is moving towards a new paradigm of advancing ideas outside the confines of the traditional academic publishing model. Orthodox journals will soon be understood as tombstones: end of debate certificates. In particular

  • Micro-blogging is not only replacing traditional news media, but becoming a tool for finding and disseminating ideas and research (active research surveillance)
  • Well edited blogs are becoming core communication tools and vehicles for HE debate; while the less traditional format encourages a writing style that invites debate from academics and lay persons alike, thus cutting across ranks, locations and academic status
  • Working papers and online journals are now key, immediately accessible evidence and theory/methods development sources

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NetworkEd: Technology in Education is a seminar series organised by LSE's Learning Technology & Innovation team (LTI). The series invites speakers from education, computing and related fields to discuss how technology is shaping the world of education. Technological developments, particularly the internet, have led to changes in the way institutions can deliver teaching,but are also impacting on students' skills and and their expectations of higher education. The seminar series will also be live streamed to enable an audience from around the world to listen and participate online.

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