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LTI have developed an online course in Moodle on Copyright, the internet and teaching Online (LSE staff and students should log in, but Guest Access also available).

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Copyright is an issue you need to consider seriously when creating any digital teaching materials or preparing materials for teaching purposes. LSE has produced a LSE Guide to Copyright 2015. There is also a series of Frequently asked Questions about Copyright and E-learning which you are advised to consult.

Changes were made to UK law in 2014 that affect the copying and sharing of materials that lecturers, researchers and students might do. Several new copyright exceptions were introduced, and some exceptions were amended.

Although you are creating a course within Moodle, which usually a password protected space for your students, you still need to consider carefully the resources you are using and take care not to infringe other people’s copyright. If you have any doubt about whether you need copyright permission to use a particular item in your teaching it is always best to check first.

The Library offer an Digitised readings (Epack) service for staff interested in obtaining scanned readings for use in Moodle. Readings are then presented to students using ReadingLists@LSE and you can get more help and advice with reading lists in Moodle.


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Copyright and recorded lectures

There are a number of copyright issues associated with the use of the lecture recording (or lecture capture) system and these guidelines are set out as answers to commonly asked questions.question

External links

Full text of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Information about UK copyright law and other intellectual property rights (IPR) is available from the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Information from Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), the UK’s reprographic rights agency. LSE have a CLA Higher Education Licence.

Find out more about copyright and understand your rights from

Jisc provide guidance for the higher education sector on copyright and IPR issues.

The information on this page is primarily intended for LSE staff. If you are reading this from outside LSE, please feel free to view our guidance, but we do not accept any responsibility for any decisions you make as a result of this. We strongly recommend that you seek copyright advice from within your own institution.

Copyright issues and student-made videos

There are a wide range of issues to consider before making a video, particularly one that will be uploaded to a public video sharing websites such as YouTube or Vimeo or hosted on the LSE website. Video sharing websites will require you to agree by their terms of use and have guidance about the use of copyright material, for example see the copyright advice available from You Tube.


Copyright, Images and Multimedia

In the UK, Copyright Law protects images and photographs which are considered to be artistic works. It also protects films, broadcasts and sound recordings.

More Help

If you have any questions and need further information please contact:
Watch Dr Jane Secker talking about copyright and E-learning at the Association of Learning Technology’s 2016 Conference.