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Advice for recording public events


Lecture capture recordings are automated so they will begin and end exactly at the time you have requested. Events and seminars often overrun by a few minutes. To ensure that your event is recorded in its entirety please ensure you allow for this when you book your recording with AV Services.

Ensuring good audio quality

Teaching rooms are equipped with a single microphone located on the lectern. In order to capture a good quality sound recording all presenters including the chairperson of the event must stand directly behind the microphone when addressing the audience. When presenters don’t stand behind the microphone the audio signal is weak and recordings are often unusable. If you’re planning a panel discussion with multiple presenters it may be possible to install additional microphones - please discuss your requirements with AV Services.

Handling audience participation

Questions from the audience will not be audible on the recording unless you request roving wireless microphones from AV Services and you have stewards on hand to pass the microphones to members of the audience. There are some teaching rooms where roving microphones cannot be used in which case please ask the chairperson to repeat questions for the benefit of podcast listeners. Q&A sessions where the questions are inaudible will be edited out of recordings submitted for inclusion in the LSE public lecture podcast page.

Permission and intellectual property

You must have written permission to record your event from all the presenters / speakers (an email is sufficient), especially if you plan to make the recording available online. The onus is on event organisers to seek permission and keep a record in case it is needed in the future.

At the start of your event please make members of the audience aware that it is being recorded.


To make a public lecture or event recording available on the LSE public lecture podcast pages please read the guide to arranging event podcasts. The podcast can also be made available on your departmental web page or blog by linking to the LSE podcast page or the mp3 file.
To make a recording available on your departmental web page or blog (but not the LSE public lecture podcast pages) please download the mp3 file from the lecture capture system, edit out any extraneous material at the beginning and end, and then email the rich media team on for further instructions.