Student 1
This Wikipedia assignment was infinitely harder than I expected….However once I started to piece together the sources and information, the Wikipedia article was an absolute joy to do. Not only was there a real sense of fulfillment in contributing back to the website which many individuals (such as myself) have consulted at least once for general knowledge…While I honestly had something I enjoyed about every single part of the assignment, what made me the most proud was piecing together my work in a professional manner through the medium of Wikipedia, and now it can be shared with everyone.”


Student 2
For a start, I learnt far more about [TOPIC REMOVED] than I would have been able to if I had been passively taught about it by anyone. This independent and active project seemed very daunting at the beginning because it was an unfamiliar task but upon completion, feels very satisfying. Unlike regular academic essays that aim to present a view, a Wikipedia article’s purpose is to present knowledge impartially and accessibly to a wide audience. I learnt how to convey information in such a manner by avoiding adverbs such as ‘incredibly’ unless the conclusions of the literature warrant such use…Finally, I just wanted to add that whilst this was a huge task, I love how my work can have an impact because it is actually out there on the Internet and I can (hopefully) help others learn more about this topic. It is a far more rewarding task than an academic essay that simply gets lost and becomes insignificant once submitted!”


Student 3
It is the first time in my student life to take a task in this ‘unusual’ form. I feel delighted to cooperate with other editors to refine and enrich a Wikipedia entry, and I especially feel proud that I have contributed my own work to Wikipedia that will be shared with thousands of viewers from all over the world. I also gained advice from previous editors about how to write in a Wikipedia style and how to acknowledge references in an appropriate way. I really appreciate their cooperation (like they leave me a message to inform me what I did inappropriately) and I have learnt a lot through the process of trail and error. I find this experience highly favourable, valuable, and worthwhile. “