Looking for a valuable Moodle activity that can be used to assess student progress and knowledge?

Quizzes within Moodle can offer insight into how students are performing in certain topics; such information could be used to establish a student’s understanding of a topic and a level of knowledge before starting a topic.

With such an extensive list on Moodle we asked Dr Anouk Rigterink and Lucy Pickles in International Development why DV410 have implemented the Quiz activity onto a number of courses, along with any lessons learned.

“One of the most important motivations for choosing a Moodle quiz was ease in marking and giving feedback. As you know, these quizzes are a pass-fail test that students have to pass before starting their dissertation. In the past, this was assessed by an essay, but this was time-consuming to mark, with little direct benefit to the students as they did not get any feedback, and little sense of what to do if students did badly. The Moodle quiz needs virtually no marking and you can build in feedback.”

(DV410 Research Officer Dr Anouk Rigterink)

A benefit of using quizzes is that they can be set to be a onetime only or a replayable task, resulting in the ability for students to retake the quiz in order to progress and enables those who are less confident with the content to re-apply themselves until confidence is gained.

As with anything there can be some negatives; International Development took the negatives and turned them into lessons learned. One of the main lessons has been around time.

“It is a large time-investment to set this up. Creating these questions in Moodle, especially if you want to enter feedback for every answer choice, it is quite time consuming and you have to do it question-by-question. But after the initial investment, you can reuse it every year, which then saves time.”

 Feedback is a crucial part of using quizzes successfully, if feedback isn’t provided how do students know where they are going wrong?

 “It is tempting to save time setting up by not entering any feedback, but I think that would be a mistake. If students don’t get feedback, keep picking the same wrong answers, which does not teach them anything”.


Did you know?

Quizzes can be classed as a gamification technique as they can utilise a number of game mechanics such as challenge, achievement, feedback and assessment, all of course depend on the original intention of the quiz.