Active Learning

/Active Learning

LSE students

Active Learning is about students taking responsibility of their own learning. Rather than just listening to the teacher, they will be actively engaged in learning activities such as problem-solving, discussions or group work.

Because students learn more when they participate in the process of learning, whether it’s through discussion, practice, review, or application.

  Active Learning promotes independent, critical and creative thinking

  It encourages effective collaboration

  It increases student investment, motivation and performance

⦿ Make your lectures more interactive by flipping them and use class time for active learning.

⦿ Encourage collaborative learning with social media, online group conversation/forum discussions and collaborative writing.

⦿ Involve your students in the production of content such as a short film, poster, glossary, wiki or e-bricolage.

⦿ Use gamification and game-based learning. Technology can be used in many ways ranging from attributing badges in Moodle to using web-based or virtual simulations.

⦿ Make  assessment and feedback a two-way process. Use Electronic Management Assessment (EMA) and enable peer assessment/feedback and self-assessment with Moodle and other tools.