LTI Staff

//LTI Staff

Athina Chatzigavriil

Senior Learning Technologist
LTI adviser for: Geography and Environment, International History, Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, School of Public Policy

Athina is a learning technology specialist, who can advise you on both pedagogic and technical issues when putting your course online. Athina’s interests are in assessment and feedback to enhance learning, and the impact of assessment in student learning. She is also interested in learning design, use of Turnitin as a student development tool, and blended approaches to learning. Athina has lots of experience in online learning and blended learning delivery, to enhance student learning and experience. Athina is currently line managing the Assistant Learning Technologist posts in LTI.

Chris Fryer

Chris Fryer

Systems Administrator

Chris Fryer is LTI’s Systems Administrator. He is responsible for managing the servers that support Moodle, Mahara, Echo360, and LSE Blogs. He also works to integrate teaching and learning systems with line of business applications, magically enrolling students and teachers on their Moodle courses, and (somewhat less magically) integrating the Lecture Recording System with our timetable.

Geraldine Foley

Geraldine Foley

Assistant Learning Technologist (Maternity leave)

Geraldine is happy to advise on pedagogic and technical issues with the aim to empower teachers and students to use technology to enhance teaching, learning and assessment. She is especially interested in collaborative projects and those that involve students as producers of content, peer learning, students as agents as change, diversifying assessment and games based learning.


Sonja Grussendorf

Senior Learning Technologist
020-7849-4678, @authenticdasein
LTI adviser for: European Institute, Government, International Development, Sociology, Media and Communications

Sonja is particularly interested in the use of social media for teaching, interactive classroom technologies, e.g. voting systems, digital identity and changing assessment practices (incl. academic integrity). Her approach to educational technologies is deliberately critical, and educationally led rather than kit-led: educational technologies must be fit for educational purpose; ideally technology should provoke change where necessary, i.e. where it aids to progress & improve teaching practice.

Darren Moon

Darren Moon

Senior Learning Technologist
LTI adviser for: Economics, Finance, International Relations, Management

Darren works closely with departmental colleagues to develop pedagogically sound use of technologies and improve student learning outcomes. Darren co-teaches the course ‘IR318: Visual International Politics’ and advises colleagues across the school on filmmaking and visual methods for teaching and assessment. He has presented widely both in the UK and internationally, is experienced in designing and developing online and blended learning solutions in a variety of contexts. Darren manages the learning technology content development function within LTI.

Kevin Brett

Learning Technology Systems Support Specialist (Lecture Recording)

Kevin is LTI’s System Administrator for Echo360. My lecture recording system duties are to ensure integrations between Echo360 and other systems are functional and to make sure timetabled lectures are scheduled for recording. Furthermore, through training and working closely with academics this post holder will help them to use the system more effectively by integrating the use of it into curriculum design and in turn develops a better learning experience for students.

Kris Roger

Kris Roger

Senior Learning Technologist
020-7955-7833,, @KrisEdTech
LTI adviser for: Economic History, Mathematics, Methodology, Statistics

Kris has a wide range of interests and expertise including use of technology for flipped learning such as screencasts and lecture recording; innovation in learning spaces design for more active forms of learning; educational use of digital media and effective and active use of the VLE. Kris reports to the Head of the Teaching and Learning Centre (Claire Gordon) and is jointly responsible with Chris Fryer for the day to day running of LTI. Kris is currently line managing the Senior Learning Technologists in LTI.

Anastasia Leyva

Learning Technology Systems Officer

Anastasia is LTI’s systems officer. She is responsible for providing users of systems such as Moodle with timely support and training.

Aggie Molnar

Aggie Molnar

Assistant Learning Technologist
LTI adviser for: Anthropology, Gender Studies, Language Centre, Law, LSE100

Aggie is interested in exploring different ways to offer students an engaging and inspiring learning experience with the help of technology. She is involved in projects related to gamification and personalised learning. After years of working as a teacher, she can advise on how to incorporate innovative yet easy-to-apply solutions into teaching.

Catia Costa

Assistant Learning Technologist
LTI adviser for: Accounting, Health Policy, Psychological and Behavioural Science, Social Policy

Catia has recently joined LSE and she is excited to provide support to academic staff on the use of technologies to enhance teaching practices and improve the student experience. Catia brings a broad knowledge in adult education and learning design and she is particularly interested in visual learning, course design and learning analytics.